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1902, 2020

League Day of Action

100th AnniversaryThe League of Women Voters celebrated their 100th Anniversary on Feb. 14, 2020.On that Friday, Valentine's Day, our local league distributed voter registration forms and voter information in various community locations.KUDOS go out to the twenty-eight Dare League members and friends who gave of their time and talents to inform residents of the upcoming

1811, 2019

Call to Action: Demand Fair Districting

Demand Fair Districting The next major redistricting event will be in 2021 after the census is completed. We need to work now to implement a new, improved, un-gerrymandable system! Visit for complete information. Meanwhile, print out this form, sign it and send it to the address at the bottom of the form. Thank you!

910, 2019

Videos from the Candidate Forums for the 2019 Municipal Elections

2019 Municipal Elections 2019 Southern Shores Candidate Forum Hosted by the Dare County League of Women Voters 2019 Kill Devil Hills Candidate Forum Hosted by the Dare County League of Women Voters 2019 Nags Head Candidate Forum Hosted by the Dare County League of Women Voters 2019 Town

1908, 2019

The League’s Official Position on One-Stop Voting Hours for the November Municipal Elections

One-Stop Voting Hours It is based on data for Dare County’s One-Stop turnout during the 2018 General Election Background: The Board of Elections submitted a "plan for implementation" for one-stop voting sites and hours for the special election in September. The board unanimously approved, and the state board of elections concurred, reducing

2907, 2019

Dare League Elects New Officers, Hears from County Commissioner

New Officers The Dare County League of Women Voters elected and swore in new officers, and appointed committee directors, at their Annual Meeting during a luncheon held at Pamlico Jacks on June 6. Pictured left to right are Mary Jane Slesinski, Marion Midgett, Andrea Schollaert, Carol Butscher, Glenda Keel, Judy Lotas (Co-President), Lorelei DiBernardo,

2807, 2019

2019 Elections

2019 Elections The Dare County League of Women Voters has a busy Election season coming up! Here are our current plans to support the two important upcoming elections: We invited the 4 candidates in the September 10th Special General Election to participate in our on-line, non-partisan Voter Guide called VOTE411. All voters can access this site