There is an enormous lot going on right now—in our country, in our state, in our own communities.  Connect with all of it at our 38th LWVNC Convention!  Zoom with members from across the state –and cross fingers for an in-person meeting this fall


League members, we hope to see you at LWVNC’s 2021 Virtual Convention – Strengthening Democracy From the Ground Up – on Saturday, May 15, from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

Because this is a virtual event, the convention will focus exclusively on LWVNC business. The convention will include approving by-laws changes, approving a new budget, nominations to the board, election of the board and approval of the NC proposed program.  Delegates from local Leagues will be voting.  Nonvoting League members from across the state may observe the sessions.  If you are willing to serve as one of our voting delegates from Dare LWV, please contact Fran Kapinos. 

The May 15 convention will be held via Zoom. Registration will be $25 per person and can be paid via PayPal or personal check using this linkAnd here is the link to register.  Please remember to complete both steps of this process – pay and register. 

Voting delegates:

For guidance on voting delegates to Convention, refer to Article X of LWVNC bylaws. Delegates consist of:

Each president (or a designated alternate) 

One delegate from each MAL unit with a minimum of 7 members

Members of the board of LWVNC

Each league is entitled to one delegate in addition to the president (or alternate) 

Local Leagues with more than 35 voting members are entitled to one delegate for each additional fifteen members. The record of paid voting members as of 1/31/2021 determines the count and delegates may vote if the League has met its per-member-payments. MAL delegates may vote if annual LWVNC dues are current.

See you on May 15!