• LWV Dare Board 2018

Board of Directors

Co-President: Fran Kapinos (2017-19)

Co-President: Judy Lotas (2018-20)

Secretary: Glenda Keel (2017-19)

Treasurer: Nancy Birindelli (2018-20)

Elected Director: Carol Butscher (2017-19)

Elected Director: Marion Midgett (2018-20)

Elected Director: Mary Jane Slesinski (2017-19)

Elected Director: Susan Merrill (2018-20)

Elected Nominations Director: Andrea Schollaert (2018-20)

Appointed Director: Lin Logan (2018-19)

Appointed Director: Craig Merrill (2018-19)

Appointed Director: Ali Breaux (2018-19)

Appointed Director: Colleen Oaksmith (2018-19)

Appointed Director: Marty Hamed (2018-19)

Appointed Director: James Cofield (2018-19)

Immediate Past President: Lorelei DiBernardo (2018-19)

Committee Chairs

Citizens Guide: Carol Butscher

Education: Marion Midgett

Equal Rights Amendment: Judy Lotas

First Friday/Hot Topic Lunches: Colleen Oaksmith

Fund Raising: Nancy Birindelli

Health Care: Ali Breaux

Membership: Susan Merrill

Natural Resources: Craig Merrill

Newsletter Editor: John Towler

Nominating Committee: Andrea Schollaert

Observer Corp: James Cofield (Board of Elections)

Publicity (Traditional): Marty Hamed

Publicity (Digital): Teuta Shabani – Towler

Voter Services: Mary Jane Slesinski

VOTE411: Lorelei DiBernardo