One-Stop Voting Hours

It is based on data for Dare County’s One-Stop turnout during the 2018 General Election


The Board of Elections submitted a “plan for implementation” for one-stop voting sites and hours for the special election in September. The board unanimously approved, and the state board of elections concurred, reducing one-stop voting hours to 11am to 4 pm, with no weekend voting. That is a done deal.

At the July 8th meeting the board “passed” a motion (4 in favor, 1 abstained) to have a single one-stop site at Kill Devil Hills Town Hall (Hatteras has no elections), in addition to early voting at the Board of Elections office, for the November municipal elections. The hours at the Board of Elections must be the office’s normal working hours, but the Board voted to reduce one-stop hours at Kill Devil Hills to 11am – 4pm during the week and a single Saturday. The only reason given for their decision is that “no one votes” before 11 am or after 4 pm. However, the data provided by the state for the 2018 election shows that over 40% of one-stop voters voted outside this time window.

Two things to note:

First, there were no fiscal constraints imposed on the Board; i.e., the Board of Commissioners did not ask them to keep election costs down or reduce their budget.
Second, NC statute for one-stop voting sites requires unanimous approval of one-stop voting, so this plan for implementation will not be accepted by the state; and, unless a board member petitions the state, one-stop voting will only occur at the Board of Elections office in Manteo.

Our objective with this position is to convince the board to rescind the approved motion for one-stop voting in November, and consider a motion that maximizes one-stop voting hours outside the normal workday and on weekends.