2019 Elections

The Dare County League of Women Voters has a busy Election season coming up! Here are our current plans to support the two important upcoming elections:

We invited the 4 candidates in the September 10th Special General Election to participate in our on-line, non-partisan Voter Guide called VOTE411. All voters can access this site at www.vote411.org to view candidate information simply by entering their address!  Voters can compare candidate positions on a variety of issues, as well as access a variety of other voter information.   The site will be “live” for the September 10th election on August 1st!

We expect all 4 of the candidates – Tim Harris (Libertarian party), Greg Holt (Constitutional party), Greg Murphy (Republican party), and Allen Thomas (Democratic party) – to participate in our VOTE411 Voter Guide to help voters make an informed decision and to help spread their messages. Candidate responses in VOTE411 are unedited and controlled entirely by the candidate.  This Special Election is being held to fill the seat of the late Walter B. Jones, Jr, who was our representative to the U.S. House of Representatives, NC 3rd District.  Voter Registration for this election ends at 5pm on August 16.  In-person Early Voting for this election is from August 21st thru September 6th.