Special Primary Election

Due to the recent death of Rep. Walter Jones, the 3rd District U.S. House seat is vacant and the State Board of Elections announced a Special Election fill it. There are 26 potential candidates who have filed for the primary election! That is an incredible number and it speaks to the importance of this seat.

In all, there are 17 Republicans, 6 Democrats, 2 Libertarians, and 1 Constitutional Party candidate. The Primary Election for this seat is scheduled for April 30 and the General Election is scheduled for July 9. However, if the leading candidate in the Primary fails to receive 30% of the cast ballots – which could very likely occur – then a Runoff Election will occur on July 9, followed by a General Election on September 10.

To help you decide which candidate to vote for, we have sent invitations to all 26 candidates to participate in VOTE411, the League’s online Voter Guide. We asked them about their position on Seismic Testing and Off-Shore Drilling, as well as on several other topics. At this time, all have not responded, but we are hoping for a candidate response by Early Voting time.

To remind you, just go to www.vote411.org and enter your address. Information about the Special Primary candidates will appear.
Voting Guide

To see the early voting and election day schedule, polling hours, dates and locations check out our calendar.

Please share this information with family and friends so every citizen exercises their right to vote.

Happy Voting!