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Voter Information

To confirm your voter registration information on the NC Board of Elections website

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To view the Early (One Stop )Voting Schedule for Dare County

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Candidate Forums

In Dare County, the League of Women Voters sponsors candidate forums prior to local elections for town, county and state officials. In odd numbered years, the League holds Voter Forums in Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Nags Head and Southern Shores prior to the November Town Council elections. In even numbered years, Voter Forums are held in various locations throughout the county prior to County Commissioner and Board of Education elections. Candidates present their platforms and respond to questions from the citizens. The forums are taped and broadcast on the local government access channel. Receptions for candidates to meet the public are held prior to primary elections.

Candidate forums are held prior to the beginning of early voting. Candidates are listed on the Dare County Board of Elections site:

Voter Forums are scheduled for:

Oct 4 at 7pm at Kill Devil Hills Meeting Room for Kill Devil Hills town candidates

Oct 5 at 7pm at Manteo Town Hall for Manteo town candidates

Oct 10 at 7pm at Nags Head Fire House Meeting Room for Nags Head town candidates

Oct 11 at 7pm at Pitts Center for Southern Shores town candidates

Voter Guides

Prior to all local elections, the League compiles & publishes a Voters' Guide about candidates, their biographical information and platforms. Candidates are invited to respond to several questions on local issues and provide their qualifications. THE LEAGUE DOES NOT EDIT, REVIEW, OR MODIFY THE SUBMISSIONS OF THE CANDIDATES. The compiled data for the Voters' Guides are forwarded to local media outlets for printing or posting.

Our 2017 VOTER GUIDE will be available here:

LWV-NC compiles national and state candidate information and this may be available at

Election Calendar

The date of the 2017 Municipal Election is on November 7, 2017

Non-Partisan Policy

The League of Women Voters of Dare County is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Membership is open to both men and women.

All candidates running in contested elections are invited to participate in the Voters Guide.

The League does not endorse or oppose any candidate or political party.

Code of Election Ethics

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina and the LWV of Dare County, as part of their "Positive Campaigns" project, urge candidates to conduct fair, issue-oriented campaigns. The League believes that negative campaign tactics have lowered voter turnout, have eroded voter confidence in candidates and in government, and have reduced the ability of elected officials to govern in an effective and cooperative manner.

The following pledge emphasizes a value-based platform stressing four principles: honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility.

Code of Election Ethics Pledge

I PLEDGE to conduct an informative and issue-oriented campaign.

I WILL neither engage in, permit, or condone defamatory attacks upon the character of my opponent(s); nor shall I engage in invasions of personal privacy unrelated to campaign issues.

I WILL NOT use or knowingly permit the use of any campaign material or advertisement which misrepresents, distorts or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding my opponent(s).

I ASSUME personal control and responsibility for the conduct of my campaign.